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How To Install Ice Cream Sandwich on Google Nexus S

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Galaxy Nexus is the highly anticipated phone this year and so is the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS. You have probably seen the Ice Cream Sandwich [and you are no doubt in love with it!] and are waiting anxiously for it to hit your device. Well, If you have a device that is going to receive the ICS officially [then you’re a lucky bastard! ] and people who are using outdated devices will have to root their way to the ICS, I guess. So, according to the list of Samsung devices to receive ICS, Google Nexus S will receive the update as well and you don’t have to root the device. But if you are completely impatient then today I am going to teach you to install Ice Cream Sandwich on your Nexus S [Rooted obviously!]

Well, this ICS ROM is perfect for use but there are a few issues like broken Camcorder, tethering issues but Wi-Fi, Face unlock are working like charm and so does everything else. Follow the steps below to install the ICS OS on your Nexus S.
[Before you continue let me warn you that Rooting will surely void your warranty and if you don’t follow the steps correctly you might end up bricking your phone as well, and I am no way responsible for any of your stupid actions!]

1 – First of all, download the ICS ROM and put it on your phone’s SD card.
2 – Now turn your phone off and boot into the bootloader [just hold the Volume down key + power button and you’ll directly boot into the bootloader]
3 – Next step is to perform a backup of all data [preferably via Nandroid]
4 – Now remove the whole data and wipe out cache as well.
5 – Go to “Install from SD Card” option and install the zip ROM that you downloaded earlier.
6 – Reboot your Nexus S and Enjoy the magic of Ice Cream Sandwich.

If you have any problems regarding this method then feel free to contact me and you can also follow the discussion about this ROM at XDA froums Did this method work for you? Are you using ICS on your phone?

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